About Alpine Pest

Locally Owned

Pest Control Business

Alpine Pest Management is a locally owned and operated business dedicated to providing timely pest control service in a responsible and intelligent fashion. We offer pest identifications and environmentally conscious methods of pest control for both residential and commercial properties. Our service frequency is customized to fit your needs: from a one-time service to monthly or yearly service.

We are solution specialists—meaning we’ll try to completely solve your pest problem rather than just treating the symptoms. Many of our competitors simply treat the symptoms with monthly pest control services without inspections. That approach never solves a pest problem.

Numerous pest problems here in Central Oregon can be solved completely with a thorough evaluation of the situation. We believe in and practice the principles of Integrated Pest Management (IPM), which his a systematic approach to solving a pest problem.

Our Method:

Integrated Pest Management

Step 1

Identify the problem species and the specific area(s) where the pest is a problem. We do this by talking to you and then performing a thorough inspection of your property.

Step 2

Identify the conducive conditions that contribute to the success of the pests. This means looking for anything in and around the property that would encourage the pest species to become established in the area.

Step 3

Correct the conducive conditions, if possible. This could mean repairing damaged vents or sealing other openings, eliminating water leaks, installing screens on windows, cleaning up yard debris that pests may use for harborage, or replacing door sweeps to exclude the pests from the house. Exclusion is an excellent method of pest control management.

Step 4

Lastly, if a pesticide application is warranted, we will judiciously apply the pesticides to most effectively control the pest problem without any unnecessary applications. We take pride in applying just ounces of pesticides to solve problems that our competitors would use gallons to solve. We specialize in spot treatments for solving your pest control problems.


Central Oregon

Alpine Pest Management is based in Bend, Oregon and has been proudly serving Central Oregon since 1992. We work in Deschutes, Crook, and Jefferson counties. We will travel further for special projects!