Bats in Central Oregon

The little brown bat
The little brown bat

There are at least two common species of bats found here in Central Oregon: the big brown bat and the little brown bat. Another 10 species have been identified from the area. Bats are quite beneficial and are a very important part of the ecosystem.

Bats are classified in the Chiroptera order of mammals. They are carnivores, feeding primarily on insects. A common misconception about bats is that they will provide good mosquito control. While they may feed a little bit on mosquitoes, they primary food preferences are the larger insects: beetles, moths etc.

Bats become a pest management problem when they start roosting and nesting in and around structures. They quite often move into buildings through cracks and crevices and nest in the wall voids or in the ceiling above the beams. This happens quite often in many areas around Central Oregon like Black Butte Ranch, Sisters, Sunriver and LaPine. Bats become a problem because of their feces and urine. A large amount of guano may build up in the wall voids, attics etc. Quite often it will begin to smell. Very large amounts may become a health hazard. Bats have also been found to carry rabies and other diseases.

Bats breeding and nesting season is usually in May through July in this area. After the young are born, there is a period of time that they are dependent on the parents for food, and they don’t leave the roost. We usually don’t attempt to exclude the bats from buildings during this period because the young won’t be able to leave with the parents.

The only pest management practice allowed for bats is to exclude them from buildings. This involves first allowing them to escape by creating one-way exits. After they have been successfully excluded, their entrances are then sealed.

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