ARCO Installation

The Bend ARCO Station had some unique challenges. Not only was bird netting applied to close gaps in the architectural design, it also required building and installing wooden frames so that chicken wire could be installed and secured. Every installation is unique and requires great care and creative design.  Once installed, the netting can last many years with no failures.

ARCO in Bend, Oregon
Arco Station in Bend on 3rd & Greenwood




ARCO Installation
Netting applied to cover roof overhang to prevent pigeons from roosting.


Close up of ARCO Installation
Corner covering.


Close up of ARCO Installation
Cable strung and securely attached to ceiling with netting attached via clips.


Installation to block bird entrance
Expanded metal covering attached to space to block bird access under roofing.


Netting in ARCO Installation
Other netting on roof required building and installing a wood frame to attach chicken wire to prevent pigeons from nesting under the overhang.