Funnel Weave Spiders-Hobo

Hobo Spiders and Their Relatives

Hobo Spider

The Hobo spider is the spider that has a reputation of causing the most bites here in Central Oregon. However, there are also many other spiders in the area that bite humans. The ability of a spider to bite is largely related to its size and the type of fangs it has. The Funnel Weave spider is closely related to the Hobo spider and it is also a very common spider in this area. Other creatures such as insects, ticks and mites can bite humans and cause redness, itching, swelling and other symptoms similar to a spider bite.

Most spider bites in this area are called “Hobo” bites because that is one spider that has been documented to bite humans. But very few people see the spider that bit them so it can’t be properly identified. The bite reaction is caused by a human’s reaction to whatever was injected by either the spider or some other animal.  There have also been “bite”cases that were caused by pieces of nylon carpet imbedding in the skin of a person. These cases are commonly referred to as “mystery bites”. It is advisable to seek medical attention if you are experiencing a reaction to a “bite”.  Secondary bacterial infections can result if you scratch the area.

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