Exclusion is the Long-Term Solution to Rodent Problems

There are two main species of mice found in and around structures in Central Oregon: the white footed deer mouse (the outdoor resident) and the house mouse. Proper handling of a mouse infestation must begin with a thorough inspection of the property and the proper identification of the species.

A white footed deer mouse
A white footed deer mouse

We use different strategies than other companies to control the house mouse and the deer mouse. We concentrate on exclusion. We don’t believe that simply setting out bait stations and traps around a building is a good mouse control program. Exclusion is the long-term solution to rodent problems.

The winter season is a good time to rodent proof your house. All those piles of lawn and garden debris should be removed. All the extra stuff that has accumulated in your garage and other storage areas should be sorted. The bird food and pet food that’s been sitting in bags in the garage should be placed in rodent-proof containers. These steps will help eliminate both the harborage areas and some food sources for rodents.

Also, if you have done any remodeling this summer, now is the time to make sure that all holes, vents etc. have been sealed to prevent rodents from entering your house.

Another problem we are experiencing this year related to rodents is an increase in rattlesnakes.  These animals are very efficient predators of rodents, so we would expect their populations to increase in conjunction with increased rodent populations.

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