Beneficial Insects

Beneficial Insects Outnumber Pests

One of the major drawbacks of the conventional pest control practices done by most companies (and many homeowners) is they don’t consider the impact that their actions have on non-target species. Less than 1% of all the insect species are a pest problems for humans. But sadly, whenever you use any conventional pest control spray, you kill all the beneficial insects along with the target pests.

Anyone that regularly treats their gardens, shrubs or lawns with pesticides is killing all insects and other small creatures in that area. That includes the pollinators that provide about 1/3 of our food, all the predatory species and anything else in the area. Pesticide applications have become the “quick fix” for pest problems– similar to the “take a pill” method employed by the medical field for most problems. Antibiotics and pills are overprescribed, and pesticides are overused. However, there are other options.

Environmentally friendly alternatives to spraying pesticides are habitat modifications, sanitization, and mechanical control. These methods could make your problem areas less suitable for pests, eliminate breeding and food sources for pests, and so on. All of these methods should be considered before applying pesticides. Traps and pheromones are also good options. The introduction of predators is a another option. We can all also learn to tolerate a few more insects.

Next time you reach for that can of pesticide, please consider if it’s really necessary to spray the insects or if there is another way to take care of the problem. The world will be a better, healthier place if we can reduce pesticide applications.