Fall Invaders

Overwintering Pests In Your Home

Numerous insects and other critters move into people’s attics, wall voids and the house interior for overwintering during the fall. Some of the more common species found in Central Oregon are carpenter ants, boxelder bugs, elm beetles, spiders, paper wasps and yellowjackets. Many of these insects then go into dormant stages similar to hibernation in mammals. After a period of time, which varies depending on the species, the insects are then ready for spring emergence.

We quite often get spring-like conditions in the winter months, January through March here in Central

Paper wasps over-wintering in a wall
Paper wasps overwintering in a wall

Oregon. When this happens, those insects that have been overwintering are ready to get going. They become active, but then the weather turns cold again. This is when they’ll begin appearing inside your home. This happens because they move toward the warmer sides of walls, ceilings, etc. They will also follow warmer air currents that flow through cracks and holes in the walls, and recessed light fixtures in the ceiling.

The pest control measures needed for these pest problems may require exclusion measures to seal cracks and/or holes, but they also require pesticide treatments.

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