Pro Tip

Flies can typically be controlled with sanitation and traps. A thorough cleaning of a facility is sometimes all it takes to eliminate flies.

Flies that cause problems around commercial businesses can range from the very small fruit flies and drain flies to larger flies like the common house fly. Occasionally we’ll encounter mosquitoes and midges.

The majority of the fly problems we encounter in Central Oregon are usually related to sanitation issues. Drain flies develop in organic material that has collected in sewer drains. Fruit flies develop in over-ripe fruit, rotting potatoes or some similar decaying material. And house flies and their close relatives develop in similar materials, animal waste, compost piles and dirty dumpsters. Mosquitoes and midges develop in standing and usually stagnant water.

Traps for flies
A few examples of light traps

The quickest and longest lasting solution to most fly problems is to locate and eliminate the development source for the larvae. A thorough cleaning of a facility is sometimes all it takes to eliminate flies. The dumpsters should be cleaned out regularly to prevent organic material from collecting around the edges. The floor drains in restaurants should be cleaned regularly. And the floors should be swept and mopped in a manner that prevents the organic materials from ending up in the corners of the kitchens or under the sinks, stoves etc.

If mosquitoes are a problem, check for stagnant decorative ponds, buckets sitting by the back door filled with rain water, clogged rain gutters or other standing water sources. Clean out the ponds and gutters, and drain the buckets. These simple steps will help control mosquitoes.

Sometimes, flies just fly in the doors as your patrons come and go. These occasional flies can be controlled using light traps. A light trap has an ultra violet bulb which attracts many of the fly species that come into restaurants. Then the flies are caught on a sticky board called a glue board. Light traps work well because of the special light. They work best when the  aren’t competing with bright sunlight or lights. They should also be left on 24 hours a day. The placement of the light trap is critical to its effectiveness. They shouldn’t be placed near the entry ways, and they shouldn’t be visible from the outside since they can attract flies from long distances.

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