Spring Invaders

Pro Tip

A thorough spring cleaning of your home (inside and out) can be a great preventative measure for keeping pests out of your living space once the weather gets warm.

The longer and warmer days have signaled to the insects, spiders and other pests that it’s time to get going for the summer season. Now is a good time to begin your spring clean-up projects to reduce the harborage and potential food sources for the pests around your house. A clean up around your house can significantly reduce the potential for pest problems, and this decreases the need for any pesticide applications.

Some steps we recommend are:

• Finish cleaning up those debris piles that you started last fall. Many pests such as spiders, ants, wasps and yellowjackets like to overwinter in these piles. You can avoid many pest problems later in the season by eliminating these piles now.

• Clean up the clutter that’s accumulated near your house during the winter. This clutter makes ideal nesting spots for funnel weave spiders  and other pests.

• Drain those buckets, wheelbarrows, wading pools and other items that have been collecting water since last fall. These sources, which will begin developing organic matter soon, can become a breeding source for mosquitoes, flies and other pests.

• Turn the compost pile. Now is a great time to turn the compost. The warmer days will get the composting started again, and turning the pile now will accelerate the process.  Turning the pile can also eliminate food and harborage for many pests. Rodents quite often nest in compost piles in the winter. The pile provides both warmth and food for them. Many fly species lay their eggs in compost. Proper management of compost piles now can significantly reduce fly problems later in the summer.

If you’ve done all the clean-up, but still have an ant, fly or spider problem, call Alpine Pest Management at 541-389-4942.