Stinging Insects

Yellowjackets, Paperwasps and Other Stinging Insects

Yellowjacket (stinging insect example)
A western yellowjacket

The season for stinging insects in Central Oregon is usually during the warm summer months. The nests that have been growing all summer long slow down in the fall and the fertilized queens are the only individuals which will survive the winter months.

But, you may still have stinging insect problems during the winter months. The yellowjacket nests that were built in your attics and walls during the summer may have overwintering queens. And the queens of the paperwasp nests that were in your eaves have found cracks and crevices for their winter dormancy sites.

So, when you begin heating up the inside of your house, these overwintering queens may be coming inside, being drawn in by the warmer temperatures. They will begin appearing at different times of the winter depending on the species. You may begin to notice them in the windows– primarily on the south side of your house.

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