Alpine Yellowjacket Bait Stations

Pro Tip

Onslaught’s Microencapsulated Insecticide and our bait stations are the perfect pair for controlling yellowjacket populations.

Alpine Yellowjacket Bait Stations are designed and labeled for use with Onslaught Microencapsulated Insecticide. When used together, they are the perfect combination for controlling scavenger yellowjackets (also commonly called meat bees) around residences, restaurants, resorts, campgrounds, zoos and other areas where humans or animals are harassed by yellowjackets.

Alpine Yellowjacket Bait Stations with Onslaught Insecticide

Onslaught insecticide has an EPA approved label for yellowjacket baiting. Onslaught is sold separately from our bait stations and must be purchased from a pesticide distributor.

Cykick CS recently added yellowjacket baiting to its label, but we currently don’t manufacture bait stations labeled for this product. We can provide Cykick labels (for an additional charge) if that is the product you use for baiting. Please call us if you need Cykick labels.

 Baiting instructions for Onslaught insecticide are included with our bait stations.

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