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Glenn Bissell | Owner of Alpine Pest Management

Glenn Bissell, owner of Alpine Pest Management, has more than 38 years of experience in baiting yellowjackets. He began testing insecticides for yellowjacket baiting in 1978 while working for El Dorado County Vector Control in South Lake Tahoe, CA.

Glenn designed and implemented his first successful program in 1980 for the South Lake Tahoe High School after the yellowjacket population in the area resulted in the cancellation of the first football game of the season. The season was able to resume after about a week of baiting.

Since then, he has designed and implemented baiting programs for schools, parks, campgrounds, resorts, conference centers, golf courses, homeowner’s associations, restaurants, vineyards, zoos and other areas. He currently consults on an annual basis with the Malibu Conference Center to help them remain yellowjacket free.

Glenn offers over the phone consultations and can also provide on-site consultations and control program designs for a fee. Please call Glenn at 541-389-4942 if you have any questions or would like to schedule an on-site consultation.