Client Quote

Nancy Szyjewicz, DeVine Consultants

“I own a Custom Home Vineyard® business in the Santa Cruz Mountains. Several years ago conditions favored a huge increase in the Yellowjacket populations, and by spring I knew that without serious intervention, most of 
my clients would have no grapes by the end of summer. 
At that time there was nothing available to address the issue other than pheremone traps which were the equivalent of sweeping back the ocean with a broom. I spent weeks struggling to find an answer, contacting person after person, until at last I connected with Glenn.

Glenn provided me with the supplies I needed to conquer the problem and spent a great deal of time discussing in detail the best course to success. Now, virtually all of our harvests are yellow jacket free, resulting in undamaged grapes and delighted pickers. With Glenn’s guidance, I continue to refine the program to attain the best possible results.”

Client Quote

Glen R Gerson, President of 
Malibu Conference Center and Calamigos Ranch

“Glenn, I just wanted to get a thanks to you for the amazing results for your yellowjacket baiting expertise. Prior to meeting you, we had lost close to a million dollars in revenue from our outdoor event business! We were so overrun by yellowjackets. We tried everything; from pest control companies to the UC Davis extension professors.

We were desperate, and in need of a solution. Now we are yellowjacket free! The onsite training, and the annual visits by you have restored our reputation, and rescued us from certain failure. We are thankful to have found you–we can’t thank you enough!”